Just when you think you had seen the most bizarre minor league baseball uniforms possible, the New Britain RockCats have come out with these "Christmas in July" digs.

The Minnesota Twins' Double-A affiliate wore these uniforms during a game against the Portland SeaDogs.

The RockCats lost both games of the doubleheader, so maybe they should toss the Santa jerseys. After all, there's a reason the big guy only shows his face in December.

You've got to give the RockCats some creativity points here. It's not easy for a minor league team to get this much publicity, so we tip our caps to New Britain's brain trust.

That said, the uniforms are pretty ugly. Is that a fake beard around the neckline? Here's a tip for teams planning a similar promotion in the future: Facial hair and jerseys do not go well together.

Luckily for the RockCats, these uniforms aren't even the most hideous of this year. That honor goes to the Toledo Mud Hens and their Chewbacca jerseys.