Tim Tebow has lost a lot of fans during the past year, but he's still in the good graces of college football's most electrifying player.

Johnny Manziel, who we've seen in headlines several times this summer, made news again this weekend when he was reportedly kicked out of a frat party at Texas on Friday. Then on Saturday, Manziel was at a different party, this time rocking a Tim Tebow New York Jets jersey:

While not many people would have the courage to go out in public wearing a Tebow jersey after the disastrous 2012-2013 season, give Manziel credit for sticking by his guy. Tebow has paid Manziel the ultimate compliment, saying he enjoys watching the 20-year-old play and that he likes Manziel's "swag."

Manziel has said he looks up to Tebow and he would love to speak with the New England Patriots backup. While in some respects Manziel and Tebow are polar opposites, they do have a lot in common. Both are SEC quarterbacks and Heisman winners who found success early in their careers. Tebow, like Manziel, was thrust into the national spotlight early in his college career.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Manziel took a lot of flak on Twitter for ...

a) being at Texas, which some consider a rival to Texas A&M
b) going to a frat party after recent allegations that he was kicked out of a passing camp for partying too hard
c) wearing Tebow's jersey.

And so, as he has done before, Manziel took to Twitter on Sunday to defend himself:

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