The World Fencing Championships, coming up next month in Budapest, are going for a big splash with a series of posters and videos in campaign called "Just Like In The Movies." It shows fencers from what, according to the press release, are supposed to be from fans' favorite movies.

From the Mol World Fencing Championships Facebook page:

There's also an incredible unofficial video:

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The posters and ad campaign come months after Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov was re-elected president of the International Federation of Fencing, with the pledge to make the sport more popular. His election comes as the sport has spread and become more popular around the globe: For example, at the 2012 Olympics, fencers from five continents, for the first time, climbed the podium.

The federation, according to Bloomberg News is also looking to expand fencing at the Olympics in 2016.

The Olympic Committee, as wrestling learned in the past few months, has often depended on the mass appeal and accessibility of sports to fans to decide their place in the games.

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