It seems Dwyane Wade, more than any other player, has gotten tons of flak for his outfits during the NBA playoffs.

And perhaps rightfully so, seeing as he has worn things like this. And this. And this. And ... well, you get the point.

So it's nice to finally see Wade don an outfit that has drawn universal praise. In the midst of a hard-fought Eastern Conference Finals series with the Indiana Pacers, Wade took a moment to post an adorable photo of him and his young son, Zion.

The photo, which Wade posted on Zion's sixth birthday, shows the duo wearing matching outfits -- leather jackets, skinny jeans and leather boots. Say what you will about the clothing, but the pose is absolutely precious.

Wade has put a lot of effort into raising his sons, even penning a book called A Father First, and it's great to see that during a rugged series, he hasn't lost sight of his priorities.