In the cutthroat world of postgame fashion in the NBA playoffs, players are always looking for an edge.

This year there has been no shortage of impressive outfits. Everything from cutoffs and a gold chain to floral to whatever this is.

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert nearly blew all of his counterparts out of the water with one small accessory. The Pacers big man, while not known for his fashion sense, knew he had to step up his game for the playoffs.

So before Saturday's Eastern Conference semifinal game between the Pacers and the Knicks, Hibbert packed a monocle to wear at the podium, just in case he had a big game. Twenty-four points and 12 rebounds later, Hibbert was preparing to head to the podium when he sought the opinion of a teammate and the team's PR director about the monocle.

Unfortunately, both men advised Hibbert not to wear the monocle.

"I asked my teammate Paul (George) if I should do this," Hibbert said after the game while holding the monocle. "This is my first time at the podium basically all year. I know a lot of people always wear crazy get-ups and stuff like that, so I said to myself before the game, ‘I’m going to have a great game tonight.' I was advised by Paul George and David Benner not to set a trend by wearing a monocole, so I’m not putting on the monocle."

It's a shame that Hibbert didn't wear the monocle, because that would have forced other players to seriously pick up their game. Alas, apparently only certain people can pull off that look.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)