A Buffalo Bills fan who, from what else we can see on his Facebook page seems relatively sane, may be one of O.J. Simpson's last fans left. Such a big fan, it turns out, that he got a huge tattoo of the football star-turned-murder-suspect-turned convicted felon on his leg.

The man, identified on Sports-Kings.com as Bryan Labarron, writes on his Facebook page that the tattoo is a) yes, real and b) took nine hours to complete.

"I have 3 Bills tats and my OJ is my favorite ..." he wrote.

When asked about the obvious murder trial question, the newly tattooed fan quickly leapt to Simpson's defense.

"Oj was found not guilty of that murder thing but that's a story for anther day ..." he said.

Thomas Latona, the owner of Renaissance Custom Tattoos who did Labarron's tattoo, said the two had originally discussed doing one of Thurman Thomas, but couldn't find the right picture for the job.

"We talked about it a little more and the idea came up about O.J. and I was excited about doing the iconic O.J. picture everyone knows -- it was in magazines -- the mugshot," Latona told ThePostGame.

As for his feelings on Simpson, Latona said he liked him in Naked Gun.

"I don't know if I'm a fan," Latona said. "It's not my business what he did -- the courts can take care of that."

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