There's nothing understated about the NFL draft.

In fact, it's become such a high-profile night that there's a movie being filmed at this year's event.

But the league has gone too far with one stunt. In what seems to be a new tradition, the league on Thursday had several men dressed in tuxedos carry the teams' caps in to Radio City Music Hall.

The hats were put in airtight glass cases and paraded down the red carpet.

It seems ambitious to even have a red carpet at the NFL draft. It's not a movie premiere, after all.

Tom Ley of Deadspin might have put it best when he wrote "These guys are carrying stupid football hats in glass cases like each one of them is the f-----g Hope Diamond."

It trivializes and (further) commercializes the draft to have the hats paraded down the red carpet. The event is about players and teams, not the apparel.

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