The Force will be with the Toledo Mud Hens next weekend.

The Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers recently revealed the jerseys that they'll be wearing for their series next weekend, and they truly look like they are from a universe far, far away.

As you'll see above, the Mud Hens' uniforms are Chewbacca-themed, perhaps a first in professional sports. At first glance they look pretty ugly, but are they so hideous as to be beautiful? Decide for yourself.

The themed jerseys, which will be auctioned off for local charities after the game, are just one part of the Mud Hens' Star Wars tribute.

According to the team's website, the Mud Hens are sponsoring a Kazoo giveaway (so fans can participate when music from the movie is played) and will have themed food (Yoda Soda, Darth Chocolate Brownie Sundae, etc.). There will also be Star Wars sound effects throughout the game and appearances by Star Wars characters.

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