If you thought Nike was done altering NFL jerseys after revamping every team's uniform last year, think again.

About one month ago a photo leaked of what some thought was a new Jacksonville Jaguars uniform. And, according to uniform expert Paul Lukas, the image may indeed be a sneak peek at what Jacksonville will wear next year.

Lukas confirmed that the image was legitimate, and also learned several other interesting tidbits about the Jaguars' new jerseys:

-- The Jaguars' new uniforms will have a military theme. Among other things, that means that the players' last names will appear on the front of the jersey.

-- The Jaguar logo will be "somewhat larger than normal" for an NFL helmet. It could be similar to Boise State's Pro Combat helmet.

Lukas, for one, isn't a fan of the changes:

"if it is accurate," he writes, "it certainly sounds like a total freaking nightmare on nearly every conceivable level."

Lukas cautions that none of this information is official, but this man is the internet's foremost uniform expert, so if you're going to trust anyone's sources, it should be his.

For more information about the Jaguars' jerseys, see here.