Normally one to impress fans and television viewers with his suits, broadcaster Craig Sager switched things up on Tuesday and instead wore an eye-catching tie.

USA Today's Nicole Auerbach took the accompanying photo in Dayton, Ohio, where the opening round of the NCAA tournament took place. As you can see, Sager's brilliant tie features small brackets. How fitting for March Madness.

Sager told USA Today that he had a specialized bracket tie made last year, and he liked it so much he wanted another one. But, of course, Sager couldn't simply wear a customized tie. He needed an entire outfit.

"It's total silk. It's just plain, looks like a piece of paper," Sager said. "I also have a shirt I bought that hopefully ties together the black and the white. I bought a new pocket square, too."

For now, Sager has decided not to write team names into the lines on his tie. But he said if his alma mater, Northwestern, ever gets invited to the tournament, he might have to change up his outfit.

"There's a chance I could (write) teams in, but I don't think I'm going to do that until Northwestern finally gets invited," Sager said. "I'll wear a purple one then."

For some more highlights from Sager's wardrobe, check out this slideshow.