Most professional sports jerseys only have one name on them. That, of course, is the name of the player wearing the jersey.

But the Colorado Rapids will be changing that tradition this year when their players sport uniforms with more than 1,000 names on them.

The MLS squad has debuted new kits that feature the 1,451 names of its season-ticket holders. And these jerseys aren't simply gimmicks, rather they are the team's primary home jerseys.

As you can see in the video below, the rows of names on the jerseys form large stripes, and the design actually looks pretty neat.

The Rapids' alternate jersey mimics the colors of the Colorado state flag and has a large "C" embossed on the front.

"With our new alternate jerseys featuring the Colorado state flag, and our primary kits including the names of our season-ticket holders, we’re showing the pride we have for our fans and our state, and thank them for their passion and support over the last 18 years," said Rapids President Tim Hinchey.