Wondering what's behind the Washington Redskins' recent three-game winning streak?

It turns out the team has a new superhero on its side.

A diehard Skins fan dressed as "RG3Woman" has been the the buzz of the Beltway, and it's not hard to see why.

Lauren Bacon, as she is known to family and friends, is a huge Redskins fan. And like everyone in the nation's capital, the 26-year-old Bacon has fallen in love with Washington's rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III.

So for Halloween, Bacon dressed up as RG3Woman. She created her costume out of a gold bodysuit and some RGIII accessories (a cape, an RGIII belt, a left arm sleeve and a glove).

"I figured there'd be a lot of little kids dressing up as RGIII, but I figured I'd do a creative spin on it,” Bacon told Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. "You can't really go wrong with Griffin in the D.C. area."

Bacon has since worn her costume to several Redskins games. Is it a coincidence that the Redskins have gone 3-1, with wins over each of their divisional foes, since Bacon created the costume? Who knows. But it's been a fun ride for Bacon, who has gotten a ton of publicity for her costume. She has appeared on several area radio shows, and even co-hosted a program with Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg. She's also got Twitter account.

Perhaps the best part about this story is that Griffin is a huge superhero aficionado. He famously wore Superman socks as he accepted the Heisman Trophy last year, and his locker is packed with comic book figurines.

Unlike other diehard NFL fans, including some who are no longer diehard, Bacon gives new meaning to the term "superfan."

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