Brad Richards is making the most of his time off.

While he waits for the NHL lockout to get resolved, the New York Rangers center has found ways to stay busy. After Hurricane Sandy, Richards spent hours volunteering and even organized a benefit hockey clinic on Staten Island.

More recently, Richards has become the new face of the clothing line UNTUCKit. A fashion enthusiast who is immersed in the New York design scene, Richards seems like the perfect fit for the premium shirt label.

He may not be the most fashionable player in the Rangers locker room -- that honor goes to goalie Henrik Lundqvist -- but Richards can hold his own against most professional athletes.

"I would not call myself a 100 percent fashion type of person," Richards recently told "I really enjoy learning about fashion. Being in New York you have so many options and so many opportunities."

UNTUCKit is an e-commerce brand which produces dress shirts that are meant to be worn untucked. The line was created by the designer Chris Riccobono, who also happens to be a huge New York sports fan.

"When the opportunity came up for me to be the face of UNTUCKit, I was very excited," Richards said. "I'm a big believer that style should be comfortable and I need to wear clothing that fits right. This is what makes UNTUCKit so unique -- the fit is always perfect."

Richards is the first one to admit that he may never live up to Lundqvist's standard, but give him credit for thinking outside the box with UNTUCKit.

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