R.A. Dickey's 2012 campaign was so good it might be described as supernatural. The 38-year-old pitcher had the best season of his life, winning 20 games and coming away with the Cy Young Award.

A Christmas present from Lucas Films to Dickey only confirmed that the Force was with Dickey.

The Toronto Blue Jays pitcher and Star Wars buff tweeted a photo of himself in a Star Wars onesie this week, an apparent Christmas gift from the studio that created the saga. Dickey wrote in a tweet that the onesie might be his "favorite gift" of the entire year.

That might sound silly, seeing as Dickey is coming of a career year in which he signed a contract extension with the Blue Jays worth $25 million, but this man isn't just your average Star Wars fan. He has called himself a Star Wars "nerd," and he can rattle off Star Wars knowledge with the best of them.

Dickey is the latest athlete to don a onesie. And no matter how many professional athletes we see in these pajama outfits, it never gets old.

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