It's not easy to impress LeBron James these days. The three-time MVP has seen it all, and during the past decade he has become one of the most recognizable figures in the world.

Yet, there was someone at the recent Miami Heat-Charlotte Bobcats game who even James was excited to see.

Before Wednesday's contest, James spoke with wrestling legend Ric Flair in the Heat's locker room, and he came away extremely impressed.

James later told reporters that Flair's style and legacy extend well beyond the wrestling world.

"When I was a kid, I loved wrestling," James said. "He was one of the guys I loved, too. I think he's one of the creators of what we call swag these days with the Rolexes and the stretch limos and all the girls and all that stuff. He's one of the creators of swag."

An intriguing honor for Flair, to be sure, but as the lifestyle of professional athletes becomes increasingly luxurious, it is certainly interesting to learn about the origins of this extreme extravagance.

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