Tom Brady has never been afraid to display his incredible fashion sense. Whether it's rocking UGG boots or an extremely expensive suit, the man knows what to wear. This appears to be just one of the many perks of marrying a supermodel.

For those who missed it, Brady donned one of his more, er, interesting outfits this week during an appearance before an Aerosmith concert in Boston. The future Hall of Famer was photographed wearing a pea coat, a sand-colored vest and those glasses that caused such a stir when he wore them to a Lakers-Celtics game in March.

Understandably, some people were a little critical of Brady's getup. During a press conference on Wednesday, a reporter decided to call Brady out on his fashion sense.

Tom Curran of Comcast SportsNet New England started his remarks by telling Brady that he sometimes dresses "kind of weird."

"Thank you," replied Brady.

Curran then asked Brady who lays out his outfits. Brady smiled but didn't crack, saying he didn't have a response for Curran.

Here's the entire exchange:

This year's Patriots truly run the fashion gamut, wearing everything from pea coats to pajamas.

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