Every now and then, you'll hear about a company offering full refunds if a certain team gets shut out. Usually the offer is too good to be true, but don't tell that to Alabama jeweler Jeff Dennis.

Dennis held a promotion in the week before the Iron Bowl clash between Alabama and Auburn. If either team got shutout, he would refund all purchases made during that week. He told CBS 42 in Mobile that several people spent more than $5,000 during the promotion, and some even bought engagement and wedding rings.

Overall, Dennis estimates he will have to make about 300 refunds and return tens of thousands of dollars. But he's still having some fun with his bad luck.

"There were some tense moments in my house in the third and fourth quarters and I was probably the only home that was a little concerned," Dennis told CBS 42. "But it's all good. I'm insured, so we're having fun,"

Even if he was insured, maybe next time Dennis should check the stats and make sure his promotion doesn't involve a game with the best defensive squad in the country going up against the nation's fifth worst offense.

(H/T to Game On!)

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