Professional athletes are often celebrated for their exquisite facial hair. These guys can grow beards and mustaches like it's nobody's business.

And with the exception of the NHL playoffs, there may be no better time of the year than right now to admire the wonderful facial hair of athletes everywhere. That's because, of course, we're in 'Movember.'

What started as a way to raise awareness for men's health issues has blossomed into a worldwide whisker exhibition.

Lots of athletes have taken part, and while it is still early, one man has taken the lead for best mustache of the month. Those watching ESPN's MLS coverage this week surely could not help but notice that commentator Alexi Lalas is sporting a mustache for the ages.

Even for someone who's renowned for his bright-red mane and spectacular facial hair, this 'stache is pretty impressive. It's got thickness, color and (probably) a great feel. That's everything you want in a 'Movember' experiment.

Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl called the facial hair a "rogue cop" mustache, and tweeted, "I could paint my house with Alexi Lalas's mustache."

Some are questioning Lalas and wondering whether he cheated by using his equally laudable "Octobeard" as a head start. Either way, hats off to a man who's an inspiration to us all.

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