There was quite an uproar several weeks ago when rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III pulled an end-around on the NFL's new deal with Nike and covered the swoosh on his undershirt. First he drew a large "H" over the swoosh, and after being reprimanded, he wore another shirt over his undershirt.

It turns out Griffin isn't the only high profile quarterback looking to avoid any association with Nike. During a press conference on Wednesday, Tom Brady could be seen wearing a small piece of tape over the Nike swoosh on the left sleeve of his sweatshirt. Brady has an endorsement deal with Under Armour.

The Boston Globe's Shalise Manza Young tweeted a photo of Brady's wardrobe alteration.

While the NFL is not afraid to penalize players for wearing improper attire, Griffin was not fined and it seems unlikely that Brady will be.

While the issue of uniform alterations is starting to become a trend, this crafty cover-up has a history dating back two decades. During the medal ceremony at the 1992 Olympics, Michael Jordan and several Dream Team teammates wore flags draped over their uniforms, covering the Reebok logo. Jordan, of course, had signed with Nike.

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