The last we heard from E. Gordon Gee, he had just finished putting his foot in his mouth.

When "Tattoo-Gate" first engulfed Ohio State, Gee was asked whether he had given any thought to firing coach Jim Tressel. Gee rather infamously responded: "I'm just hoping that the coach doesn't dismiss me."

In fact, Gee has become somewhat of a punch line in the college sports realm. In addition to his Tressel gaffe, he also called TCU and Boise State the "Little Sisters of the Poor."

Throughout all of Gee's blunders, one thing has remained constant: his bow tie. Gee has become synonymous with his neckwear, and he gets asked about it during many of his public appearances.

During a recent investigation into Gee's expenses, the Dayton Daily News found out just how much money Gee and the University spend on the bow tie. Since 2007, when Gee took office, the newspaper reports that Ohio State has spent $64,000 on bow ties and bow tie-related items, like bow tie cookies and O-H and bow tie pins.

That's a lot of bow ties.

It should be noted that Gee is one of the most prolific fundraisers in the country, and he has helped Ohio State haul in some of its biggest donations in the school's history. So, does that justify all the spending on bow ties?

To be fair, if anyone needs a good bow tie, it's Gee.

(H/T to Sports Illustrated)

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