After seeing the Tom Brady commercials and billboards for UGG boots, you may wonder who is buying these shoes?

Larry Fitzgerald, apparently.

As the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots gear up for a rare matchup this weekend, the compliments are flying. Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Fitzgerald may end up as the greatest receiver of all time, and Fitzgerald said Belichick was already "the best coach ever."

When asked about Brady, Fitzgerald couldn't hide his man-crush:

"He's just unbelievable, passer rating, touchdowns-to-interceptions (ratio), the guy does it every single year," Fitzgerald said. "Not to mention he has the most beautiful wife in the world. So he's every man's dream ... er, every woman's dream, I mean."

Fitzgerald thinks so highly of Brady that he said he bought a pair of UGG boots to be just like him.

It's not hard to see why Fitzgerald is longing for a quarterback. Since Kurt Warner and Fitzgerald took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl four years ago, Fitzgerald has had to catch passes from the likes of John Skelton, Derek Anderson and Max Hall. There's a reason none of those guys have a deal with UGG.

(H/T to Yardbarker)

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