The highly anticipated debut of the Brooklyn Nets is almost one month away, and the excitement is palpable. The team is slowly revealing different aspects of the franchise, like the court design and the cheerleaders' outfits.

And now, thanks to a trailer for the video game NBA 2K13, we've got a sneak peak at the Nets' new uniforms. The jerseys are a simple black-and-white, with "Brooklyn" written across the front.

Jay-Z, a part owner of the team who helped design the uniforms, has said he wanted something "classic" and "Yankee-like".

Jay-Z is also executive producer of NBA 2K13, so draw your own conclusions on whether this leak was one of the "accidentally on purpose" situations.

A Nets spokeswoman said the jerseys have not been officially released, but reports that the uniforms will be on display Friday night, during the first of eight sold-out concerts that Jay-Z is hosting at Barclays Center.

NBA 2K13 is set for release on Tuesday.

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