Tattooing your favorite NFL team's logo on your arm? Yawn. Tattooing an entire sleeve of your favorite NFL players as Lego figurines on your arm? Original. And probably painful.

As seen on Sweater Punch, New England Patriots fan Craig Howard went under the needle to prove his loyalty to Tom Brady, Wes Walker, Tedy Bruschi and Coach Bill Belichick. Instead of asking artist Stefano Alcantara to recreate the gentlemen in their true likeness, he decided to showcase them as Lego figurines. See for yourself ...

Alcantara, an artist with the New York City studio LAST RITES, posted the video to his Facebook page last week, receiving plenty of compliments.

Now, the question is, did Howard adequately shield his newly-decorated arm from gloating Giants fans upon leaving the NYC studio, or did he unabashedly flash the inked homage? We're going to guess the latter.

Here is the Super Bowl in Lego form:

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