Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXV ring sold for more than $230,000 at auction Saturday night, but the winning bid did not belong to Giants defensive end Usi Umenyiora.

Umenyiora had pledged early Saturday to buy the ring and return it to LT -- if he got one million followers to his Twitter account before the auction ended.

The problem for Umenyiora was that he underestimated how quickly he could pick up followers. With less than 23,000 followers at the start of the day, Umenyiora had to revise his target to 500,000 after it became clear that one million was going to be impossible.

That didn't help much either as Umenyiora had just 55,000 followers when the auction ended.

According to a report on, Taylor was unaware that his son, whom he had given the ring as a gift, was putting it up for auction until the news broke last week. But LT did not object to his son's decision.

The final bid was $230,401, but news reports say that the online auctioneer, SCP Auctions, did not name the winning bidder.

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