One of Major League Baseball's biggest stars is looking to share the love with fans this summer -- via some extra time and some new tattoos.

Prince Fielder, fresh off signing a $214 million, nine-year contract with the Detroit Tigers, has long had a soft spot for tattoos, but he admits having some reservation over his latest body art additions.

Fielder showed up to Tigers camp in Lakeland, Fla. with a few more tatts than he had while playing for the Brewers. The first baseman now has hearts all over his body, roses on his left arm and the word "LOVE" tattooed twice on his right hand.

Spending most of his time in a macho major league clubhouse, Fielder asked his tattoo artist if he'd be thought of as soft for getting a tattoo of hearts. "He's like, 'Dude, a tattoo itself is tough. What do you want? A Tiger that's growling?' I wanted hearts," Fielder told the Detroit Free Press' Michael Rosenberg.

Fielder also has a smiling emoticon tattoo, along with dozens of others.

Aside from the body art, the new Prince of Motown has been spending loads of time signing autographs. He recently put aside 42 minutes to hand over his John Hancock to anyone who wanted it. The only reason Fielder stopped signing was because he had already signed everyone's memorabilia. The Detroit Free Press reports Fielder has been doing that every day.

"I have some more responsibilities now," Fielder said. "I just think it's something I should do. The fans have been nothing but awesome to me. The Tigers have given me a wonderful contract."

Despite at first feeling like he had to give out his signature often as a result of his huge contract, Fielder now says he really enjoys interacting with fans and plans to continue signing autographs when games start and eventually when the team heads back to Detroit for the regular season.

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