The stars get podiums. Other key players get stadium seating.

The rest of the team does not get to recline at Super Bowl Media Day. Role players, reserves and practice squad members are all expected to stand and talk to media for their team's hour-plus time slot.

Patriots practice squad linebacker Markell Carter devised a plan to overcome these horrid circumstances. When he woke up Tuesday morning, he slipped on a pair of UGGs.

"I got to walk around for about an hour and a half, two hours," Carter said. "I got to talk. I got to do all this. I got to at least have my feet comfortable."

While the majority of the Patriots' roster toiled on the rocky turf of Lucas Oil Stadium in sneakers, Carter lavished in a morning of furry, soft goodness. In one season in New England, the linebacker out of Central Arkansas has not yet dressed for an NFL game. That did not stop him from looking fly Tuesday.

"Even at practice, like if I get my foot stepped on, it sucks," Carter said. "My feet gotta be comfortable."

Carter opted with a pair of gray UGGs for the event. Teammate and UGGs spokesman Tom Brady made Carter's color choice a harder decision than one would imagine.

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"I like the black ones, but I feel like the gray ones match a little better," Carter said. "They feel a little better. I love these. Tom's probably given us four or five, maybe six pairs of UGGs this season."

If Carter is fortunate enough to reach future Super Bowls, the UGGs won't necessarily be part of his outfit. He admits if Media Day were on grass, he would not have considered the fuzzy Australian footwear.

"I definitely wouldn't have my UGGs out here," he said. "I'd probably mess them up. I'd definitely probably have on some Shox or maybe some tennis shoes that I could walk around in."

On Sunday, Carter will, in all likelihood, not be part of New England's 53-man roster. He will once again be on Lucas Oil Stadium's turf surface and will likely have to stand for most of the game. UGGs on game day? Stay tuned.

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