Patriots wide receiver Tiquan Underwood caught just three passes this season and was not targeted in either of New England's first two playoff games.

That has not stopped him from getting all sorts of media attention this week. Underwood has gone overboard with publicity thanks to an eye-popping haircut.

"Got the logo in the back, fade it on the sides, something different, man," Underwood said. "I like to be different. I know it"s a unique haircut that not a lot of people have, so that's why I chose it."

Unique. That is one way to describe it.

Where does one get such a cut?

"I got a barber in New Jersey who normally cuts me," Underwood said, "but I got cut in Rhode Island at a place called Latin Touch, and he did a great job."

Here's a guy who treats his hair with some respect. Underwood could have just settled for a local Boston barber shop, but instead, he travels around the East Coast for haircuts.

Tiquan's teammates like to poke fun at the eccentric flow.

"I've been called 'House Party,'" Underwood said. "But a lot of the guys like it cause it's different. Especially Deion Branch. He never calls me by Tiquan. He calls me Kid, which is pretty funny."

The burning question: How does he put his helmet on?

"To be honest, the hair's very flexible," he said. "I put a helmet on and when I take it off, it just bounces back up, so it works."

If NBC really wants to put out the best broadcast possible Sunday, it should consider following Underwood in the helmet-taking-off process. That would certainly give fans more entertainment than shadowy shots of Gisele Bundchen or Archie Manning sipping drinks in a luxury box.

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