The New York Giants have been staying relaxed ahead Sunday's Super Bowl thanks to a hilarious locker room game where players try to find their teammates’ celebrity lookalikes.

Several players said much of their down time has been spent scouring the internet in search of doppelgangers that can be used to make fun of their colleagues.

Mario Manningham's likeness to rapper Ja Rule is constantly pointed out by his pals, much to the fourth-year wide receiver's displeasure.

"Who told you that?" says Manningham, when questioned by "They're in trouble. They started calling me that as soon as I got here. That’s not even one of the best ones. And I don't even listen to Ja Rule's music.

"But yeah, some of the guys are obsessed with it. They are always on their phones or iPads trying to figure out who looks like who. To them everybody on the team looks like somebody in the world."

One of the favorite targets is fellow wide receiver Ramses Barden, who was likened to both Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum, and, less obviously, Jafar from "Aladdin."

Defensive end Justin Trattou is regularly compared to actor Steven Seagal, "but only when he has his hair all slicked back," according to Manningham.

Free safety Chad Jones, meanwhile, tries to pass himself off as Drake, because he is "one of the five best-looking men in the world."

Coach Tom Coughlin encourages the games and pranks, believing it to be an important part of locker room camaraderie, especially leading up to a pressure-packed Super Bowl.

Coughlin has even been known to join in the games himself, although some of the lookalikes that he came up with involved celebrities from the past unknown to many of his players.

"I really think that a lot of the most important stuff this team does is what we do with the things that are off the field and not even anything to do with football," said practice squad member Isiah Stanback. "It means we get to know the guys outside of the Xs and Os and it brings us closer together.

"We go bowling and play games, but for sure the best one is when we try to figure out who everyone looks like."

Several members of the team became hooked on bowling after linebacker Michael Boley hosted a charity bowling event in November. Tight end Travis Beckum scored close to 200 and Eli Manning finished in second place.

No word yet on who the Giants think looks most like The Dude from "The Big Lebowski."

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