You wouldn't think the back of someone's closet is the first place a fashion designer would look for an innovative idea. But that's exactly how Nike came up with a new line of men's golf apparel.

"Learning about what golfers buy, why they buy it and why they hang on to it is a very telling exercise," Doug Reed, Nike product director, told "The closet doesn't lie."

When Nike Golf reps realized they needed inspiration for the new Sport Collection, they went on a treasure hunt through the closets of golfers in the U.S., Japan and the United Kingdom.

So what did the Nike scavengers find in the closets of the world's golfers?

Apparently, a desire to slip into something a little more comfortable. The collection aims to be the golf course equivalent of jeans and a T-shirt. Polos will be relaxed and shoes, like the Dunk NG, will harken back to the good old 1980s with a playful, vintage vibe.

Even men know there's an outfit for a round with the bosses or the father-in-law, and then there's an outfit for catching up with your college buddies. The latter should feel like a second skin, but doesn't have to look like it was just unearthed from the bottom of the laundry hamper.

Thankfully, someone is making an effort to help men perfect the art of casual chic. Even if it took a little digging.

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