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In the fickle world of celebrity real estate, athletes are among the more likely people to buy and sell and rent new homes, as they are subject to the whims of where their contracts take them. And in the slides to follow, you'll also see a few properties affected by the 2011 NBA lockout.

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Slideshow: Homes Of NBA Stars

In the basketball world, as we've seen in other celebrity real estate slideshows, a property sometimes trades from one set of famous hands to another pair. This recently happened with a celebrity-pedigreed house that's been on the market for nearly a year. Chris Paul bought the Bel Air house owned by singer Avril Lavigne.

The houses ahead, most provided by and Zillow, are a window into recent comings and goings in the basketball world. It includes big names like Dwyane Wade, Amar'e Stoudamire, Carmelo Anthony and even Michael Jordan. It will reveal what Dallas Maverick Lamar Odom has in common with a new guy you might have heard of, Jeremy Lin. We begin with a bit of (pardon us) Lintrigue involving four NBA players and two states.

Jeremy Lin

When the new Knick star first spread Linsanty upon the nation, he was crashing on his brother's couch. However, he just signed up for a furnished Sunshine Select Residence at the W Downtown hotel and residences, according to the New York Post. The Wall Street Journal says Lin got "a better deal" for the apartment than the listed monthly rent of $13,000. Lamar Odom, who plays for the Dallas Mavericks, also lives in a W Hotel and residences building with his wife, Khloe Kardashian. Among the amenities for W residents are a digital gaming lounge and a rooftop terrace. It's not the fanciest apartment available in the building. Lin opted for a mid-level apartment, the Post says. Still, he's gone a long way from couch-surfing in just a few weeks.

Kris Humphries

As you might have heard, New Jersey Net Kris Humphries recently had cause to move back to his house on Lake Minnetonka in his home state of Minnesota. Enter the DIY Networks program "Man Caves," which intervened to properly bachelor up the pad for an episode in January. According to DIY, the redecorated lake hideaway features a dark palette of colors and the windows are fitted with gray shades for privacy. In the master bedroom, the initials KH dominate from above the bed, which is flanked by quilted-looking metallic walls. The lounge is outfitted with black Barcelona chairs, a TV that takes up the entire wall and turns opaque when not in use, a bar with monogrammed KH tumblers and kegerator, and a deluxe coffee station with flavored syrups galore, so the caffeinated Humphries can stay up as late as he wants watching sports and eating junk food.

Chris Bosh

Heat forward Chris Bosh's choice of a minimal modern architectural mansion is a welcome break from the gilded, pillared and ornamented new mansions chosen by so many of his athletic contemporaries. The asking price was as high as $18 million and dipped down to $14.97 million, but Bosh got the even better price of $12.333 million when he purchased it in 2010, according to The Miami Herald. The all-white structure offers floor-to-ceiling views of the infinity pool and beyond that, Biscayne Bay, and includes more than 100 feet of waterfront property with a dock. Each of the seven bedrooms has a balcony.

Jason Kidd

The great NBA lockout of 2011 caused some basketball players to put their homes on the market, including Heat forward Mike Miller and Boston Celtic Jermaine O'Neal, according to the Realtor blog. Mavericks guard Jason Kidd was the third seller in that group. The 21st floor apartment offers views of downtown Dallas from its floor-to-ceiling windows that can be blocked out when desired with motorized Lutron blinds. Other features include hardwood and stone floors and a gourmet kitchen with Miele and Sub-Zero appliances. The condo even comes with a private four-car garage, but it is still up for sale.

Corey Maggette

One player who bought instead of sold during the NBA lockout is former L.A. Clipper and current Charlotte Bobcat Corey Maggette. It listed for just under $3.5 million and sold for an even $3 mill. The 10-year-old Mediterranean-style home comes with canyon views and another NBA neighbor, according to the Orange County Register. The Lakers' Kobe Bryant owns two homes in Pelican Ridge.

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