"The Face" has appeared in the Big Apple.

A week after an University of Alabama freshman hoops fan saw his own face go viral, Jack Blankenship brought his super-sized mug to Madison Square Garden to cheer for the Knicks on Monday.

It truly is a face only a mother could love.

It all started as a joke among seventh grade buddies. "We created this exaggerated face, and it became a big joke with all my friends," Blankenship told the Tuscaloosa News.

TV cameras caught a glimpse of his scowl, and soon it went viral. More than 1 million people had checked out Blankenship's grimace on YouTube as of Tuesday morning, and millions more had seen it on Jeff Eisenberg's post about the freshman. The 19-year-old even appeared on a segment of NBC's Today Show from Manhattan.

The engineering student is enjoying the media limelight, but fame has had an impact on his life -- specifically his grades.

Blankenship says all the media interest is "the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I am just 19." If the glass mirror breaks from his scowl, Blankenship is totally fine with going back to being a normal college student.

"I'm just happy to have 15 minutes of fame,” he said, “I'm not asking for more."

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