New Orleans is a city that loves to give a warm welcome, and its beloved football team is no exception. As the Saints prepare to take on the Detroit Lions in the playoffs on Saturday, the Superdome was illuminated with a special greeting for their Midwestern feline foes.

OK, well the message isn't exactly "warm," and yeah, the photo is a fake. But Nicholas Nevares, a director with the Solomon Group who manages lighting and design for the Superdome, says it's certainly a convincing fake.

It even faked him out.

"I saw it on Facebook this morning and my first thought was, 'No one authorized this!'" Nevares says. "But it's a good duplication, it really looks like a real projection."

He checked with his staff to be sure no one managed to pull off a prank on the fly, and says it would take a lot of people and very high-tech lighting fixtures called gobos to make it happen. Nevares says the Solomon Group is slated to project a real tribute to the LSU Tigers on the Entergy building for Monday's BCS Championship.

The photo wound up on the Lions Facebook page, with the caption, "They seem to think they're ready for us." As of Thursday afternoon, there were more than 2,000 comments.

Looks like the purrfect prank was just a Saints fan kitten around. Fur real.

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