For better or worse, a classic moment in Super Bowl Media Day history came in 2008 when Giants defensive ends Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora used a bottle of cologne as a prop. The Stetson cologne came in a box with Tom Brady's image on it. Strahan (pictured below) and Umenyiora took turns sampling the fragrance endorsed by the Patriots quarterback.

Brady, though, has company when it comes to athletes willing to attach their name to a scent, either through an endorsement or a signature product.

Tom Brady

Stetson. The press release announcing Brady's cited his being the "ideal male icon for the Stetson brand." Remember this ad?

Derek Jeter

Driven. Few athletes are a bigger hit with the ladies than the Yankee captain, so even other MLB players have tried out his line from Avon. Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies once bought some for all of his teammates.

Michael Jordan

Flight. Esquire suggested that this is perfect for middle school because "it smells like pepper, amber, and being late for class."

Lamar Odom

Unbreakable. Like just about everything else for Odom, this was a joint venture his wife, Khloe Kardashian, which explains the unisex concept of this fragrance. The Los Angeles Times reported last year that Odom's Laker teammates razzed him so much about the cologne's commercial that Phil Jackson inserted it into game film breakdowns.

David Beckham

Instinct, Intimately Beckham and Homme. Beckham is just so ... prolific. Not just a single scent for him. He has to bag the hat trick.

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