For retired athletes these days, the options for life after professional sports are usually one of these three scenarios.

1. Become a sports personality on some kind of TV station, radio station, etc., occasionally make controversial comments about ex-teams/teammates.
2. Appear on "Dancing With The Stars" or break into the acting scene by playing themselves in TV shows and movies, roles that require very little acting talent or skill.
3. Become a recluse and never speak to the media or public ever again, and/or have some kind of major scandal unveiled and become a social pariah.

Oh right, and then there's No. 4, which applies only to Eddie George, who is also an analyst for Yahoo! Sports: Take on the role of Julius Caesar in Nashville's Shakespeare Festival. Yes. You read that right.

During the trailer for the festival, he has this awesome face on where I imagine that what's happening in his mind is: "Yeah, people. It's me. Eddie George. Former unstoppable running back. Current unstoppable Shakespearean actor. I am Julius Caesar. And I am awesome. And actually, I have a lot in common with Mr. Caesar -- when I was in the NFL and I was confronted with those men who were trying to defend and stop me, I too, just like Julius, came, saw, and conquered. So basically we're the same person."

He's set to lead the Roman Empire in Nashville, Jan. 12-29. Sadly I won't be able to attend, but after seeing the preview footage, let's quote another one of the legendary and elegant dramatists of our time: "CAN'T WAIT!!"

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