File this one under things that are entirely necessary: Dwyane Wade's 30th birthday gift, a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, was airlifted into The Setai hotel in South Beach on Sunday night. Yes, that's right, airlifted. It seems the car couldn't make it into the pool area, let alone onto a small stand in the pool, without being dropped in from above.

Don't worry, this wasn't a choreographed air drop-in via helicopter. No airborne transportation was necessary for the stunt, as a crane was brought in to the alley next to the hotel, then used to hoist and drop the car over the walls and on to the waiting pool platform.

The McLaren, valued at around $230,000, was a gift from the owner of a local luxury car dealership, for which Wade is an ambassador. One can only assume you're wondering how you can become the ambassador to your local car luxury dealership, and sadly, we don't have an answer beyond being a superstar athlete. But hey, maybe it just comes down to having the right friends in the right places.

Speaking of which, teammates were on hand for the birthday festivities at the Asian-inspired hotel, including Chris Bosh and LeBron James, as well as a few other famous personalities like Usher, T.I. and Common.

No word on whether partygoers stuck around and stayed the night at the most expensive hotel in South Beach (rates start at $855 a night and go as high as $30,000 a night), but the night had plenty to live up to after the gift presentation.

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