Chris Paul looks set to have his lucky sound effect to accompany him when he suits up in a Los Angeles Clippers uniform this season -- thanks to pro wrestler Ric Flair.

Paul, who was finally unveiled as a Clippers player on Thursday after being traded from the New Orleans Hornets, feared that the signature call -- where Flair hollers his trademark "Woooo" -- would be left behind in Louisiana.

Flair, a legend of the wrestling world who still performs at the age of 62, is close friends with former Hornets owner George Shinn. He recorded a commercial with Paul, as well as a clip of the signature cheer that was blared out following each of CP3's baskets at the New Orleans Arena.

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Paul was formally introduced to Flair at a game during his third season in New Orleans and spoke more than once about how much he enjoyed the atmosphere created by the sound byte, which was invariably echoed by the entire stadium.

"We are going to have to fly Ric Flair to L.A.," said television analyst Brent Barry as he hosted Paul's press conference at the Clippers' practice facility on Thursday.

ThePostGame tracked down Flair at his home in Charlotte, N.C., and the wrestling icon revealed he would jump at the chance to make a special recording to celebrate Paul's arrival in Tinseltown.

"I would love to come out to Los Angeles and do the same thing for him out there," Flair says. "I generated a lot of excitement every time they used to play it after he scored and it definitely lifted the team.

"Just because he left, I am not going to stop being a fan of Chris Paul. I think he is a great guy. I met him, we made the commercial and we shot a bunch of free throws together. I wish him all the best and if the Clippers want to give him a great welcome and make him feel at home, they know where I am.

"I heard that they have sold out their season tickets after he signed, so there is going to be a lot of excitement. I can help make that even better."

Flair, an avid basketball fan, even watched Paul during his college years at Wake Forest. Paul's official debut for the Clippers is on Christmas Day, when the team travels to meet the Golden State Warriors.

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