What happens when you tell 1,500 skaters to hit the streets of New York City, with the goal to bomb down Broadway like a wave of chaos on wheels?

Besides the obvious traffic mishaps and jams, you get a pretty incredible sight to behold, as skater after skater weaves between other skaters, cars, buses, street lamps and traffic signals. Caught from every angle imaginable, the video from the event on Oct. 8 does a decent job of portraying the good and the bad that come with such a stunt:

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The best moments from the video have to include the father-toddler longboarding duo, the "Inside Trader Hater," and...Mickey Mouse? And how can you not love the soothing tones of Black Cobra as the soundtrack? OK, maybe soothing isn't the word. But this was a Broadway Bomb! The music had to convey a sense of apocalyptic agitation.

Which is probably how many of the taxicab drivers felt as these skaters whizzed by.

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