By now, you may be familiar with the guys from Dude Perfect. These Texans have spent the better part of their college careers flooding the Web with basketball trick shots that range from impressive to insane.

Their newest challenger: Brodie Smith, the Frisbee wizard from Florida that has the world of flying discs on lockdown.

You may wonder how the two can compete. You know, since Frisbee tosses and basketball shots have about as much in common as Twitter and the Pony Express.

But what follows is simply incredible and, as far as we can tell, real. It's a jaw-dropping battle of the absurd that involves multiple targets, the Hardy Boys and ... girl scout cookies?

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You've got to give the nod to Brodie, right? Have you ever tried to throw a frisbee into a basketball hoop? Try it sometime. You're more likely to break a nearby light fixture than actually hit the hoop with the disc.

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