If ever there were some sort of cat athletic competition, a number of obvious categories would make sense.

For instance, it wouldn't be much of a surprise to see a tree climbing competition. The same could be said for a most-batted-birds-on-a-string or timed attempts to destroy a couch.

When it comes to a more refined competition that requires deliberate grace and motor skills, however, this cat would have a spot on the medal stand. Just try to find a cat that, repeatedly on command, does a perfect somersault.

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Just give the gold to the black and white cat from Russia. At least, the YouTube title looks Russian. (The judges are probably Russian, right?) Either way, this cat has a gift. One so rare that you might even call it the cat of a generation.

OK, maybe that's getting carried away. But seriously, there should be a cat olympics. Followed by the Puppy Bowl. Just try to find a primetime lineup that can beat that.

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