Summer's coming to a close and we're guessing a lot of water sports enthusiasts are running out of ideas.

Not this crowd.

Clothing company Vooray sponsored this video, where a bunch of thrill-seekers in Paradise, Utah used a makeshift ramp, a truck and some winching to put on an aerial display that would make Independence Day blush.

Director and adrenaline junkie Devin Graham says everyone who got vaulted wore helmets and life jackets, as slingers who hit the water back or belly first can get hurt.

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In other words, just enjoy the video, people.

The human slingshot is the perfect creation for daredevils that have decided jumping off cliffs into the water doesn't create the necessary amount of velocity for a true rush. Skipping across the water at 255 mph* is the way to go.

*Spot-on approximation.

Oh, and one more thing: If you're going to try anything similar, make sure the drawstring on your trunks is tied tight. That's not the show the ladies came to see.