So how fast can you jump rope? Maybe 30 times a minute? Or 45?

Buddy Lee can jump rope 312 times in one minute.

That's 5.2 revolutions per second.

Lee was one of the top wreslers in the world, representing Team USA in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. But now he's a trainer for MMA athletes, a spokesman for youth fitness, and the author of some of the most viral jump rope videos on the web.

Take a look, and make sure to watch long enough to see his display on the Mall in Washington D.C. (around 1:25). Watch the tourists react:

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But Lee isn't just a street performer. He's got the ear of some impressive people. As a former Marine athlete of the year, he has inspired many of the nation's military, including this group of American soldiers:

Lee is now training MMA fighters like the undefeated Gray Maynard. We all remember Rocky jumping rope in the movies, but Maynard says the benefits go way beyond cardio. "It helps all athletes," he says. "It's vastly underused throughout all sports. It helps with hand speed, foot speed, hand eye coordination, and endurance."

It's certainly helping Lee look younger than his 53 years. He says at top speed, his rope travels more than 80 mph. But it's not about showing off as much as it's about staying in shape and having fun without a barbell or a gym membership.

"You can get everything you want from this exercise," Lee says.

Including a captive audience.