How long did it take you to complete that Rubik's Cube you got in high school? Oh, you're still not finished?

For a little help and inspiration, look no further than Feliks Zemdegs of Australia. His time of 5.66 seconds -- that's right, seconds -- achieved a few weeks back at the Melbourne Winter Open broke his own World Record by more than half a second. Zemdegs is only 15 but holds the top five world record times, a hot streak that started at 2010's Melbourne Cube Day. His pace already has people calling him "The Usain Bolt of Cubing."

The puzzle itself, invented by Hungarian Erno Rubik, celebrated its 30th birthday last year; and though the '80s novelty may have worn off, there's still some who consider solving it as serious sport. Especially Zemdegs, who even after beating his own world record reaches into his pocket for a smaller cube and keeps spinning away.

For more of Zemdegs, check out his YouTube Channel. That's right, the Rubik's Champion has a YouTube Channel.