Remember Tiger Woods' yacht? It was called "Privacy." The golfer used it to try to disappear.

Well the opposite of Privacy is the History Supreme.

While Tiger's floating sanctuary went for a mere $25 million, the Daily Mail reports an anonymous Malaysian businessman just spent a whopping three billion euro for the seaborne man cave.

Why such a high price? Well, for starters, it contains 220,000 pounds of precious metals. The deck, dining room, rails and even the anchor are enveloped in solid gold. Guess it's crucial that the marine life doesn't think you're cheap.

Ah, but the History Supreme is not all garish modern luxury. After all, these are the days of "recession chic." The design draws from a simpler time -- prehistoric, to be exact. After a rigorous workout in his gym, a dip in each of his two pools and a stimulating afternoon submarine launch, the new owner can retire to his platinum trimmed master bedroom and gaze upon a meteoric stone wall adorned with pure T-Rex dinosaur bone.

But one must never miss a sales call, even while sunbathing on the starboard deck. Thankfully, Liverpool jeweler Stuart Hughes, the mastermind behind the History Supreme, knows every golden vessel needs accessories. His $10 million iPhone 4 is wrapped in 500 blindingly perfect diamonds.

Look for The History Supreme soon at a marina nowhere near you.

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