When you hear the word ShoeZeum, you might imagine bejeweled slippers gracing the feet of European royalty, Manolos worn by Sarah Jessica Parker and maybe some of Johnny Cash's deliciously worn-in boots. But Jordy Geller had a different vision -- and a different taste in shoes.

As ESPN.com puts it, Geller's San Diego ShoeZeum, which opens to the public Thursday, is "one man's tribute to all things Nike." Armed with a law degree and an MBA, the swoosh fanatic started with $300 at a swap meet and then spent more than 10 years collecting more than 2,000 pairs of cushioned foot fashion designed for everyone from Kobe Bryant to Eddie Van Halen. If your keyboard or mobile device is now drenched in drool, it might be time to book a trip to SoCal to see Geller's shrine.

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Nikaholics can feast their eyes on kicks inspired by Michael Vick, Andre Agassi, Pee Wee Herman, Steve Prefontaine and The Beatles. Racks and rows are edited with more precision than DSW could ever dream of -- a conveyor belt for the Air Line, a nook for rock star and Hollywood styles, a room of specialty shoes ranging from hiking to aqua socks.

If you want to see the ShoeZeum as it stands today, you'll need to just do it by July. That's when Geller's lease runs out. But don't worry, he's pondering a move to Los Angeles, Oregon or Vegas -- and maybe even a traveling show. After all, these sneakers were made for walking (and running, jumping and kicking). They can't stay still for long.