One of the many problems facing the average sports fan over the years is keeping one’s beverage cold. The koozie solved that problem -- sorta. The question still remains: how to hold your drink and cheer at the same time?

Say hello to the Game On Glove, created by Kevin Carter and Kevin Sterling. It's a foam hockey glove that has a space to fit a beverage of any size. But unlike the koozie, you don't actually have to hold your drink. The cup holder stands on its own. It keeps your beverage cool and allows you to high five your buddies or pull your hair out in dismay.

The idea came to Carter and Sterling while they were watching a game: "We attend a lot of hockey games, we’re Canadian," says Sterling. "It's our version of multi-tasking. I am also a Maple Leaf fan so I had to have something cool-looking to drown my sorrows with."

The whole process to get to the final product took 18 months, and there were a few bumps in the road: "Early protypes looked like hockey gloves," says Sterling. "We needed to refine the idea." The glove they ended up with is able to stand on its own vertically, or lay flat, for proud display. The Kevins also acquired NHL licensing rights for the Game On Glove. Fans can buy a custom glove with their favorite NHL team on the product. "We want our customers to display the product either in their home, office or in their man cave," Sterling says. "We want the customer to be proud of the glove."

NHL players are catching on. Dave Bolland of the defending Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks wears the glove and is treating his whole team to gloves -- Blackhawks design, of course. Bolland also has given the Game On Glove the ultimate honor, placing it in the Stanley Cup while the cup was touring around the U.S. and Canada this summer.

Not a puckhead? Not to worry. Carter and Sterling are soon to roll out a whole new line of products, including koozies for football, hoops, soccer and auto racing.

But we all know hockey gear is the coolest.

Now these guys need to figure out a way to both drink your beverage and drop the gloves.