For a few future NFL players, draft night was more like a hipster prom. New rookies like Nick Fairley and Julio Jones looked fashionable in their tailored suits, but added ironic accessories that made it seem like they were going to see "Vampire Weekend". took a look at some of the best hipster get-ups, plus a few more other fashion faux pas and one glorious sartorial achievement.

Allow me to introduce himself, his name is Humpty, pronounced with an Umpty. He likes to rhyme. Likes his beats funky. He's spunky. He likes his oatmeal lumpy.

The suit is fine and, frankly, goes nicely with the Saints hat. But look a little closer at that shirt. Somewhere, the Brawny man is roaming the wilderness without his flannel shirt.

The secret about the poorly-dressed athletes of the current generation is that they aren't poorly dressed at all. Take Patrick Peterson, for example. He shops at Louis Vuitton and Armani. He's the sort of guy who doesn't wear a tux, he wears a tux. This ensemble though? Michael Kors would say it's too matchy-matchy. The striped red tie, the red pocket square, the tie clip, the pressed white collar, the checkered shirt. It's all too much. Twenty years ago, a similar faux pas might have led to a 14-button, triple-breasted, undertaker coat worn by a guy fresh out of high school at the NBA draft. We've evolved since then. Now, the fashion misses have a distinguished air to them and represent a bad choice for one evening, not a bad sense of fashion. These guys will be dressing like Brady and MJD in no time.

Or not. Julio Jones looks like an high-end ice cream man. Or like somebody who lives in Brooklyn and constantly mentions to everybody at the party that he keeps Vegan and doesn't own a TV.

It wasn't all bad at the NFL draft though. The Amukamara family came on the stage in style after Prince was taken No. 19 by the New York Giants.

Yes! Either "Coming to America" is opening on Broadway or the Amukamaras are representing their home country of Nigeria with some flair. Mom's hat stole the show. There's a good chance Al Davis may draft it in the later rounds.