You may have missed this a month back, but it’s worth a second look even if you saw it. It’s LePalace -- the Coconut Grove mansion LeBron James purchased for a cool $9 million. (Haters gon’ hate, but do you think LBJ would’ve found a similar waterfront crib in Cleveland?)

Let’s take a gander inside LeBron’s 20,000 square foot kingdom:

Start with the “Bar area,” because when he invites me over to hang with the crew, you will most likely find me in this particular region of the palace. He needs to stock up immediately or I am going to Chad Henne’s place instead.

Check out the guest powder room located in the southern wing of the property. For those of you who need to gargle after kissing LeBron’s posterior, this is probably the best portion of the home to execute that.

Now move to the kitchen, where the King stays nourished. Fine craftsmanship.

Then there’s the Wine Cellar -- again a very important feature. It’s designed to hold 10,000 bottles, though it probably won’t ever hold Champagne. (Sorry –- I’m a Celtics fan.)

Finally, look at the views from the upper balcony and from the lower pool. Quite nice. LeBron will most likely sit outside in the evenings and wonder why he left Cleveland. Or not.