Atlantic City is about 100 miles from Piscataway, but the best Labor Day weekend bet in New Jersey may be at the Rutgers football game.

Rutgers announced Thursday that it will put $100,000 on the line during its Sept. 5 opener against Norfolk State. If the Scarlet Knight return their first kickoff of the season for a touchdown, 100 students will receive $1,000.

Rutgers Celebration

The rules? Winners must have a student-section ticket and attend the game. Students can buy season tickets for $99 or get single-game tickets for free through a lottery. It seems like a low-risk, high-reward bet.

The odds are not in the students' favor, but there is recent precedence. In 2013, freshman Janarion Grant returned Rutgers' season-opening kickoff for a 100-yard touchdown against Fresno State, and he is still on the team.

Rutgers could use good kickoff publicity. In 2010, junior Eric LeGrand was paralyzed after an injury on a defensive kickoff play against Army.

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