The Eagles' decision to sign Tim Tebow to a one-year contract means only one thing: Chip Kelly has plans for the quarterback. Maybe it's a case of Kelly seeking a challenge, or maybe there's a genuine belief that Tebow -- after spending the year working with a passing guru to improve his accuracy -- is capable of making an impact on the football field.

The motive of Tebow's signing is irrelevant in the sense that you can't make a prop bet on it. Fortunately, there are several other prop bets you can make about Tebow's future with the Eagles, and some of them offer pretty tantalizing returns. Courtesy of Bovada, here are the three Tebow prop bets.

1. Will Tim Tebow make the Eagles' 53-man roster for first game of the 2015 regular season? (Yes, +200; No, -300)

Vegas isn't too confident that Tebow will make the regular-season roster, but optimistic fans can exploit that and get a nice return. Two-to-one odds are nothing to sniff at. Keep in mind, though, that the Eagles currently have five quarterbacks on their roster. There's no way all of them are making it through.

2. If Tim Tebow makes the Eagles' 53man roster for first game of the 2015 regular season, will he start a game at QB during the season? (Yes, +300, No, -500)

At first blush, this seems like a lunatic's bet -- how could Tebow go from out of the league to starting for a playoff contender? Unlikely as it is, there are two things to keep in mind here. First, the Eagles don't have any established pecking order. The best option seems to be Sam Bradford, who the team acquired via trade this offseason, and Bradford is a huge injury liability. None of the other guys have proven they can play worth a lick, so Tebow's got a puncher's chance among that crowd.

Second, Tebow only has to start one game for this bet to pay off. Between the injuries and a little bit of courage, this actually isn't a terrible bet -- if he makes the roster.

3. If Tim Tebow makes the Eagles' 53-man roster for first game of the 2015 regular season, what will happen first? (TD rush, +200; TD pass, +200; TD reception +2,000; gets cut, traded, released or retires; EVEN)

This is easily the most fun prop bet, because it inspires the imagination. Kelly could choose to use Tebow in any number of ways, so how he gets on the playing field is anyone's guess. 20-to-1 odds for a receiving touchdown sure are enticing. At the same time, Tebow's track record makes the cut/trade/release/retire option the more practical choice.

With one caveat, of course: He'll never retire. He'll never stop chasing his dream of being an NFL quarterback. That's a sure bet.

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