When Roger Federer's wife, Mirka, gave birth to twin girls five years ago, oddsmakers set the odds of an all-Federer doubles team making the finals at Wimbledon at 100 to 1. It seems within the realm of possibility -- Serena and Venus Williams have won five Wimbledon doubles titles.

And now that Mirka has given birth to another pair of twins, this time boys, the bookies are at it again. And these odds are a little bit longer.

Darren Rovell of ESPN writes that the popular European betting outfit Ladbrokes is setting the odds at 10,000 to 1 for an all-Federer mixed doubles final at Wimbledon. That would require Leo and Lenny to each team up with an older sister for a magical run.

Due to the high odds, Ladbrokes is only accepting a maximum bet of 10 pounds ($17). Still, that hasn't enticed anyone to take the wager.

"Not too surprisingly we haven't seen a single bet yet, as you're going to need to wait about 20 years to collect any winnings," Labrokes spokeswoman Jessica Bridge told Darren Rovell.

More ambitious gamblers can bet on any one of the Federer children winning a Wimbledon singles title (100 to 1), any combination of the kids winning a doubles title (33 to 1) and even the odds of the Federers having another set of twins (1,000 to 1).